Gothic Top and Jacket / VRchat Assets

75 ratings
Clothes from scratch by me in blender, for base tori 
and base panda with configured influences.

Mini Pack: Top, Chocker and Jacket
-Personal and public license-


-Top: 6,069

-Top without Logo: 4,180 (You can remove my logo, but you must always give credit to my work.)

-Jacket: 7,328

-Full Choker: 6,284

-Extra Chains: 3,276

-Choker without extra chains: 3,008

Terms and Conditions:

-DO NOT claim as your own.

-Only for private and finished models (My paid assets cannot be used for free avatars, Nitro, or public avatars. They can only be used for avatars for sale or personal use).

-My free resources can be used freely for free avatars, paid avatars, Nitro, etc., but you must never forget to credit me.

- Do NOT redistribute my packages in any way, shape or form.

-You must always credit my work when using my assets.

-Assets purchased in my store are NOT refundable.

-You must provide accurate information when purchasing the asset.

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1 FBX-Textures-Materials unity(Metals and fur)-Img map


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Gothic Top and Jacket / VRchat Assets

75 ratings
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