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High heel boots / Tori and Zin fit base / Vrchat Assets

62 ratings
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High heel boots / Tori and Zin fit base / Vrchat Assets

62 ratings

High heel boots and ankle boots made from scratch in blender by me, Do not remove my logo in this asset.

the package of the two bases Including: 6 fbx, editable blender file, textures and matcaps.

In the blender file I include all versions of my boots, but you can remove parts or decimate (metal chains) in order to optimize, the base mesh weighs: 15,328 polygons, so the metal trims are the heaviest for me asset, you can delete the separate parts of the base mesh (just don't delete my logo) but even if you remove parts you must give me credits and you can't use the parts to create other assets.

---Just need to add albedo, normal map and a matcap---


  • Only base Mesh: 15,328
  • Full High Boots: 79,544 (Only metals: 59,532)
  • Full High Boots OPT: 58,027 (Only Metal OPT: 38,015)
  • Ankle boots Full: 56,084
  • Ankle boots OPT 1: 41,855
  • Ankle boots OPT 2: 30,165
  • Ankle boots OPT 3: 26,871

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